--Pon de Replay of Lady's Holm --


Born: 18th of June 2020
Colour: Chestnut
Gender: Colt
Regnr: 38200146

F: Alex v.d. Ponyhoeve RS 644
(A, Super-SUCH, BIS, Overall Champion/Champion of Honor)

M: Dalsgårds Rhianna RS 7033
(GI, diplom, SUCH)

MF: No fear v.d. Römer RS 553
(ELIT, Super-SUCH, BIS, Overall Champion)

5 dagar
5 dagar
18 dagar
6 veckor
Pon de Replay 1 mån
1 dygn



Halvsyskon (samma mamma):
Rara Stay of Lady's Holm