Breeding of Shetland ponies (standard size) in the colors black, piebald and grey/roan.  Our ambition is to breed true to type and show top quality ponies, this enriched with neat heads and wealth of mane and tail.
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             "Let everything become your teacher"

Våra tre uppfödningar födda 2017 som vid avelsvärdering 2020 godkändes för avel. Fr . vä MacLord A (visare Mats Karlsson), MacQuince (uppfödare Magnus) och MacLyric (ägare Gunilla Hjort, Kölnäs Stuteri).
Alex v.d. Ponyhoeve RS 644. Foto: Annette Wadman.

Origin - name of the stud:
Lady's Holm is an island of southern Mainland in the Shetland Islands. It is not to be confused with the Maiden Stack, which is also known as "Frau Stack" It is to the west of Scat Ness and the village of Scatness, a headland on Mainland, and there is also another islet nearby,Little Holm (

Yaght v.d. Belschuur RS 547. Foto: Annette Wadman.

Lady's Holm were founded in 2006 and are run by Johanna & Magnus Jonasson. The stud is namned after an Shetland Island. We try to select breeding material  by proven Champion show quality stock, with the very best blood lines.
We hold seven licenced stallions and occasionally take recommended mares for covering.


Sae be dat of Lady's Holm RS***. Foto: Linnea Ornstein.
Right Color of Lady's Holm RS 862. Foto: Freja Avebäck
MacLyric of Lady's Holm RS 842. Foto: Freja Avebäck.
MacQuince of Lady's Holm RS 856. Foto: Annette Wadman
MacLord A of Lady's Holm RS 855. Foto: Freja Avebäck
MacGuardian of Lady's Holm RS 801. Foto: Emelie Linderholt
Svensk Mästare i visning av häst vid hand - Young Handler Award 2019 (ålder 12-17år) på Friends Arena i Stockholm. Wida var 13 år vid tillfället och yngst i sin kategori.

"Droppen urholkar stenen,
inte genom sin kraft
utan genom att ständigt falla"